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Roofing Services

Green Roofing

A highly efficient Green Roof vegetated system is not only an attractive building feature—it also serves the following important functions:

  • water treatment plant;
  • stormwater management tool;
  • energy conservation tool;
  • urban cooling tool;
  • building maintenance tool;
  • capital savings tool;
  • wildlife habitat; and
  • worker productivity tool.

A Green Roof helps filter many of the impurities from acid rain, airborne particles, and other pollution. The system retains enough moisture that under typical light rainfall, little or no water even reaches the roof drain—reducing the volume of water dumped into the stormwater system.

Green roofing can easily pay for itself over the lifespan of your property. It serves to help insulate not only the building interior, but the roof membrane itself. As temperatures in the area can quickly vary by as much as forty degrees or more, the surface of a “non-green” roof is subject to expansion and contraction that can shorten its useful lifespan. The Green Roof system minimizes and moderates temperature fluctuation allowing the roof membrane to adjust without the strain of sudden drastic temperature variation. This benefit can result in lower costs to maintain the roof itself, as it will last longer.

The system actually absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. Rather than burdening the city as yet another urban heat island, it helps to cool the neighborhood. This will become more noticeable as more Green Roofs are installed.

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